An ILB Building is equally effective where the overall building aesthetics may play a larger role in the design, or where internal configurations are more complex.  Perfect for your next commercial centre.

  • The strength of the framing system allows for complicated internal structures
  • The system works well with a number of cladding options allowing freedom of design
  • The light weight frame is erected quickly reducing construction costs in weight and time


The Agricultural market is where the versatility of the ILB system was first recognised.  When a strong and simple solution is required an ILB Building is ideal.  There is an ILB Building that suits most locations and conditions

  • Options to reduce both dust build up and nesting options, protecting your valued assets.
  • Wide spans allowing storage of large machinery or assets.
  • Light weight so the building is easy to transport even to remote locations


Be it a sporting arena or weather protection at the local school, there is an ILB Building capable of meeting the needs for coverage.

  • Large clear spans reduce columns and increase usable space.
  • The frame can be used in conjunction with a selection of cladding
  • Lightweight for easy and fast installation