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What is the ILB system?

An ILB Building is based around a unique, custom made framing system.  The system of RHS or SHS chords, framing a revolutionary plate web.  The clever design dramatically reduces weight, yet increases strength in lateral twisting and torsional bending.

This prefabricated framing system in some cases effectively halve the weight of beams you will require.

With the numerous options in size and connection, the ILB system will suit the most challenging of designs.

When large spaces and strong structures are critical, you need an ILB BUilding

  • The weight to strength ratio allows robust design.
  • The ILB system can work in with existing structures.
  • Curving your structure gives a stylish finish with incredible strength.
  • Reduced weight of the steel used in the structure saving you money.
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The ILB System Benefits

Light in weight; superior in strength

The clever combination of the chord and unique web results in a portal frame that demonstrates superior strength at an extraordinarily reduced weight.  This increases the flexibility you have in design and reduces the material used, therefore reducing the costs of your project.

Massive spans

Maximising usable space adds value to your project.  An ILB Building has unparalleled capability for clear spans; reducing the number of columns required and increasing the workable space available.

Reduce the cost of construction

ILB's product reduces the steel required for construction. It also reduces the cost to transport to site and the handling cost on site.  The clever design of an ILB Building allows more product to be transported in fewer loads.

Faster Installation

The pre-fabricated light weight frames require less handling and as a result are faster to install, this allows following trades to get access faster. And we know that in construction, time is money.

Unique Design features

Unlike traditional beams this system can easily and effectively be curved, further adding its bold design capabilities for your next ILB Building.